ROLCO Founder and CEO Interviewed by GLG

Recently ROLCO founder and CEO Perry Roland was interviewed by GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group).

GLG is a professional learning platform and they pair top professionals with the leading experts in every field to teach and learn from one another.

GLG describes the interview with Mr. Roland as:

“Perry Roland sits down with GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) to discuss water management in the oil and gas industry, recycling water used in hydraulic fracturing, and more. Before serving as Founder, CEO and President of ROLCO Energy Services, Roland worked as Vice President of Market Development at BakerCorp, which specializes in containment tanks and pump filtration equipment for the construction and oil industries. ROLCO Energy Services builds systems for treating and recycling water used in hydraulic fracturing, along with oxidation and mechanical filtration. Roland is an expert on how the oil and gas industry can work with municipalities and regulatory agencies and cooperate on recycling water infrastructure and technology in the future. Water recycling in the shale gas and oil industry can lead to eco-friendly practices that benefit both industry and the public.”

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