Process Basics

ROLCO’s electrocoagulation system consists of conductive metal plates, called charge plates, arranged inside a reactor. The charge plates act as monopolar electrodes. As water flows through the reactor, ions are released from the charge plates. These free floating ions hunt out undesirable contaminants in the water and cause them to coagulate or eliminate them completely. Once the contaminants have been released from their water bonds we are able to separate and remove the resulting solids.

The Flow/Pro 20 Second Generation System

ROLCO’s Flow/Pro 20 electrocoagulation system offers maximum high volume cleaning with minimal footprint. This treatment system includes an electrocoagulation reactor, a multimedia filter system, and a control station with pump motor controls and flow/pH/conductivity meters all housed in a single 53′ trailer. Our high flow rate proprietary system thoroughly cleans flowback and produced water. This treatment system minimizes reliance on fresh water usage, increases recycled water volumes, reduces disposal costs and provides producers with an extremely clean brine water solution to reuse on their next frac completion.

Current footprint of our mobile Flow/Pro-20 system is about 100'x50'

Current footprint of our mobile Flow/Pro-20 system is about 100’x50′

EC Popout GrayQuality Results

When it comes to cleaning water, you never know what you’re going to get. ROLCO has designed a system that is flexible, scalable, and cleans a broad spectrum of constituents at high flow rates for a low cost. We have operated the Flow/Pro 20 in numerous unconventional basins and successfully recycled over 40 million gallons of water which was then reused in subsequent fracs. Our process is economical for the operators and benefits communities by reducing thousands of truck trips required for disposal.