Rental Equipment

Perhaps you have the manpower but are lacking the equipment. ROLCO can fill the gap. Our newly expanded rental line may be just what you are looking for. ROLCO’s rental line includes:

Bag Filter Housings     (skid or trailer mounted)

Bag Filter Housings     (skid or trailer mounted)

Bag Filter Housing (skid or trailer mounted)

Each pod holds 8 filters and can process 24-bbl/min and 125 psi. Need more flow than that? Get more pods! By chaining pods together you can increase your flow rate or run multiple types of bags to get maximum filtration. Our 96-bbl/min four-pod trailer is a great mobile option.

Bag Options

    • Basic Bag Filters between 1 and 100 micron
    • Hydrocarbon Absorbing Bags
    • High Temperature Bags
    • Gel Capturing Bags


Multi-media Filters       (skid or trailer mounted)

Multi-Media Filters      (skid or trailer mounted)

Multi-Media Filter System

ROLCO’s multi-media filters are the high performance solution designed for the most challenging dirty water conditions. Filtering down to 15 microns, these durable carbon steel filters utilize a custom media bed for removal of organic and inorganic suspended solids. This process filters large volumes of water with very little pressure drop ensuring long-term value. ROLCO’s industrial media filters utilize our simple backwash system for ease of operation and consistent water quality.





500 bbl Frac Tanks

500 bbl FRAC Tanks

500 bbl FRAC Tanks

ROLCO’s tanks are designed and constructed to ensure environmental stewardship and provide superior performance for critical containment demands. Our quality management system is second to none in the industry. We routinely perform field inspections on our equipment providing maintenance to non conforming vessels. The ultimate goal of our quality assurance program is to place emphasis on detecting defects before they become issues for our customers.