Mechanical Filtration

Low tech mechanical filtration systems can do some amazing things. Bag and multi-media filters are used for removing sand/propet, suspended solids, hydrocarbons, and other debris from fresh water sources and produced/flowback water pits. ROLCO’s full service mechanical filtration solution gives you peace of mind knowing that your feed tanks will meet TSS/TDS micron requirements.

Basic Filtration with Water Analysis Report

With a 96 bbl/min capacity using four pods, ROLCO’s bag filter trailers are a great option for frac-on-the-fly processes. Bag filter pods can be fully customized based on your flow rate and the constituents of the water. Pods are easy to move and easy to plumb in. ROLCO works seamlessly with your water transfer crew to ensure minimal interference and maximum filtration.

Bag Options

    • Basic Bag Filters between 1 and 100 Micron
    • Hydrocarbon Absorbing Bags
    • High Temperature Bags
    • Gel Capturing Bags


MMF-1Multi-Media Filter System

ROLCO’s multi-media filters are the high performance solution designed for the most challenging dirty water conditions. Filtering down to 15 microns, these durable carbon steel filters utilize a custom media bed for removal of organic and inorganic suspended solids. This process filters large volumes of water with very little pressure drop ensuring long-term value. ROLCO’s industrial media filters utilize our simple backwash system for ease of operation and consistent water quality.