ROLCO Energy Services Announces New Water Treatment Service

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Houston-based ROLCO Energy Services, experts in the treatment of energy production water, unveil safety focused chlorine dioxide technology

Houston, TX – August 5st, 2014 – ROLCO Energy Services (, an industry leader in innovative recycling and treatment solutions for fresh, flowback and produced water, announced today that the company is the exclusive provider of FlowXcel, a liquid chlorine dioxide treatment for the stimulation and production of unconventional oil and natural gas.  FlowXcel was developed by American Flo Excel, LLC.

FlowXcel is an advanced delivery system generating a high purity biocide solution. The active biocidal substance is chlorine dioxide, which is a selective oxidizer and a strong disinfectant. Also, as a powerful algaecide and fungicide, FlowXcel is able to reduce or eliminate harmful micro-organisms impacting water quality.

This two part liquid system is a major advancement over the traditional mixed gas ClO₂ systems used by other water treatment teams. “Our new system is so safe, it has been approved for use in food production and back yard swimming pools,” said ROLCO Chief Executive Officer Perry Roland.

“In an industry with such a high focus placed on safety, ROLCO Energy Services is raising the bar. The chemical stability of this two part process far surpasses that of gas based ClO₂ production methods. Additionally, this system is highly scalable allowing ROLCO to produce volumes and rates necessary for any job.”

About ROLCO Energy Services

ROLCO Energy Services specializes in the treatment of water for hydrocarbon extraction. From fresh to produced, ROLCO treats any part of the water life cycle and maintains staff onsite to monitor all aspect of the process. The company also provides the rental of filtration equipment and FRAC tanks. ROLCO Energy Services works with water transfer companies to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum interference. To learn more about the cutting edge technology employed by ROLCO Energy services or to see if ROLCO’s water treatment solutions are right for you visit or contact Perry Roland at 562-256-4937 or

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