ROLCO offers a comprehensive on-site disinfectant system to solve virtually every water treatment challenge. Field tested and proven, our FlowXCel Water Conditioning System is capable of producing volumes and rates necessary for any job.

This unique two part liquid system is a major advancement over the traditional mixed gas ClO₂ systems. Proven safer and more stable, FlowXCel‘s active biocidal substance is 99.99% pure liquid Chlorine Dioxide (with no harmful residuals). This powerful oxidizer and disinfectant also acts as an algaecide and fungicide. That means FlowXCel is able to reduce or eliminate those harmful micro-organisms impacting water quality while being safe enough that it has been approved for food and beverage disinfection.

CLO2 Box

FlowXcel FRAC On-The-Fly Water Conditioning System

FlowXcel LayoutRolco’s full service water conditioning system combines our powerful FlowXCel oxidizer with our Zero Discharge Mechanical Filtration trailer. By combining these two processes ROLCO is able to prevent harmful heavy metals (such as iron) and micro-organisms (including sulfur reducing bacteria) from reaching the well bore. By preventing these substances from going downhole we are helping prevent the formation of H₂S and reducing the risk of well bore fouling. In addition, ROLCO’s on site technicians will test for estimated bacteria kill rates and water quality. These real-time tests allow for rapid reaction to changing water conditions and maintain maximum efficiency. (See our Flyer Here)